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Mehen Ice Cream Maker Gelato Machine

Mehen best selling gelato machine ice cream maker

About the power type:
European standard single-phase power (EU1): 220v/1ph/50hz
European standard three-phase power(EU3): 400v/3ph/50hz.60hz
American standard single-phase power supply(US1): 220v/1ph/60hz
American standard three-phase power supply(US3):220v/3ph/60hz

strong stainless steel dasher with floated blade cutter reslults in perfect fit with cylinder all make it more efficient in freezing and improve the smoothness of the ice cream

Wide outlet with ingenious handle, quick extrude out and minimal flavors overlap, improve production ability


1.Various capacity optional, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 45 liters cylinder available to meet the needs of different stores.2. USA ETL Sanitation approved. 3.Patented blender is the key guarantees for producing a smooth ice cream with proper overrun.4.High stability colorful large touch screen controller integrate rich experience of gelato chef. Various ice cream production control mode can be flexibly selected, and can accurately adjust the temperature, visual perception, and texture hardness of ice cream according to the chef’s settings. It is also guaranteed that a brand can have an uniform taste and quality of ice cream in different stores and at different time. The flexible developer program allows this ice cream maker to develop and produce an variety of frozen desserts.5.Operation interface equipped with rich information, and dynamically displays the entire production process.6.Optional suitable filling outlet and internally setting take out procedure to meet needs of ice cream factory production.7.Failure diagnosis system can help to recover a normal operation accurately and quickly.8.Redundant program design allows production even after all sensors failure.9.Multi-safety devices ensure the safety of users and machines.10.Blender and cylinder door can be disassembled easily, convenient for fast cleaning.11.Build in hand-held rinsing water spigot to speed up cleaning and production.12.High-pressure extruding material design can reduce the residual taste of different flavors, save production cost and increase production efficiency.13.ISO9001 approved factory, only use high quality components to ensure product quality.14.International acceptable refrigerate gas.

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